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Good Shepherd is calling for all parties and candidates standing in the 2022 Victorian election to commit to providing solutions for women and families experiencing and recovering from financial hardship and family violence.

The increasing cost-of-living places significant financial stress on many Victorian households. This is compounded by the ongoing recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more frequent and intense climate change disasters, which have affected many Victorians.

As a major family violence services provider, Good Shepherd is acutely aware of the added dangers for women who cannot access local, safe, and timely service responses, and who are not appropriately supported to be financially secure and recover from violence.

Good Shepherd is calling for the future Victorian Government to address the exacerbation of existing economic inequities caused by the rising cost-of-living, by ensuring women and families receive extra assistance to build financial wellbeing and resilience in the years ahead.

Download Good Shepherd ANZ Vic Election Statement (November 2022)

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