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This research gives a voice to young people who have experienced educational disadvantage, using their stories it aims to promote positive change in the education system.



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For further insight click on the names below to hear personal stories from students:

“Schools need to recognise bullying early and intervene early – so there’s less negative impact on other students. The best way to empower a student is to make sure they have a sound state of mental health.”

“I think I’ve missed out by not being in mainstream school. I only go to school three days a week now, instead of five. If you go five days you learn way more and you get a better education. My chances of becoming a doctor or brain surgeon or lawyer are way lower now.”

“Some of my teachers made me feel better too. They said, “Don’t worry about it, work on your schooling. You don’t need people that put you down in your life.”

“Don’t let people tell you who you are because you’re the only one who knows yourself truly.”

“When I came to Australia primary school was ok but when I started high school I had trouble understanding that level of English.”

“I think teacher’s at the moment give you a work sheet and say it might be hard but just do it, but I think they should actually sit there and explain it to you so you have less chance of failing on the work sheets.”

“Hanging out with my friends was what I enjoyed the most outta high school ‘cos I didn’t have much time to catch up with all of them so being at school gave me a chance to spend time with them all.”

“If I could tell the teachers one thing I ‘d say treat every student the same because as a kid that wasn’t the same as everyone else, it was hard to stay focused and concentrate.”

“Teachers already know I’m an angry kid so they like to believe it’s all my fault anyway.”

“I’m a counsellor, youth worker and chaplain at a local high school. I’ve been doing this for about five and a half ears. I was initially attracted to the school system to create positive change and get outcomes because I was tired of seeing young people in the welfare system repeatedly missing out on access to appropriate education.”

“In retrospect I didn’t learn as much academic stuff at my school as I wanted to, but I learnt heaps about the social and community values. So for me it would have been great to do both.”

“They new I had no father. But I had a mother that loved mwah! They said I had a big nose. And teased me when I wore unfashionable clothes.”

“Don’t forget that we all come from different families and not perfect families. Not having parents and living in resi can be hard. Please understand us, support us.”