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Download: Helping communities prosper for 20 years

Good Shepherd's partnership with NAB

Since 2003, NAB and Good Shepherd have provided more than 370,000 microfinance loans worth more than $482 million that have helped more than 940,000 people on low incomes buy:

  • 52,000 fridges
  • 55,000 car repairs
  • 37,000 laptops
  • 29,000 beds
  • 7,000 rental bonds

NILs also support people most at risk of experiencing vulnerability which, last year, included women (65% of NILs), Indigenous Australians (27% of NILs), people fleeing domestic or family violence (13% of NILs), people on disability support (25% of NILs) or Jobseeker (14% of NILs).

As living costs continue to rise, along with higher grocery and petrol prices, we report that the volume of No Interest Loans people are seeking has grown 24.5% in the last 12 months (FY23).

We thank our partner NAB for their support over the last 20 years and look forward forward to being able to continue to help Australian’s together in the future.

Read the full impact of the last 20 years by downloading the report: “Helping communities prosper for 20 years”