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Supporting victim-survivors of financial abuse and FDV to move forward with managing their finances

The Financial Independence Hub (FIH) is free and confidential.

  • It’s available to the client you are referring, regardless of who they bank with.
  • The client does not need to provide evidence or tell their story to access the service.
  • FIH is a co-designed, trauma-informed service.

The Financial Independence Hub (FIH) supports individuals of all gender identities who:

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have experienced ANY kind of financial abuse
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are not in crisis right now
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are ready to consider their financial future
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are over 18 years old and live in Australia
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the client you are referring does not have to be a permanent resident or have a visa. We can organise an interpreter if they need need one.

What happens after you make a referral?

Once the referral is received an FIH Hub Coordinator will attempt to make contact with the client to:

  • Welcome them into FIH
  • Explore how FIH can partner with them in their recovery
  • If needed, provide a warm referral to our financial coaching and/or financial counselling teams.

For referrers only

FIH referral partners
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Consent scripts below

As a final step, please refer to the consent scripts below