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Good Shepherd supports Treating Families Fairly

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is – along with the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare and six other like-minded organisations – a member of Treating Families Fairly

This alliance serves to advocate on behalf of families who are facing barriers when it comes to government welfare policies, benefit support systems and to investigate recent and upcoming government reforms.

Last week the results of the first national survey of single mothers across Australia undertaken by the Council of Single Mothers and their Children, was released which found:

  • 42% of single mothers have experienced family violence
  • 53% have a gross annual income of less than $40,000 per year
  • 44% have no savings
  • 90% of single mothers are concerned about their long-term financial well being

We support the findings of this report and with the Treating Families Fairly alliance endorse any recommendation that is aimed at providing equity and support to single mothers and their children.

At Good Shepherd, we believe women, families and girls have the right to feel safe, well connected and economically empowered. This is not a wish or a hope. This is a basic right. 

Treating Families Fairly explores the links between financial stress, family functioning, child safety and the fair, effective operation of the benefit support system. Where we find that system is contributing to the difficulties service users are responding to, we collectively advocate for change.

Read the published report

‘One in eight families: Australian single mothers’ lives revealed’