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Queenslanders are tough. But circumstances have been a lot tougher lately.

The Queensland Financial Resilience Program (QFRP) can help you build a bright financial future. QFRP is a tailored program to suit your needs.

Good Shepherd now offers a local service committed to providing support to individuals and families to engage with and improve their financial wellbeing and resilience.

Our Financial Resilience workers are available to you across 20 locations.

This is a joint initiative between Good Shepherd and the Queensland Government.


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What you get from accessing the free program


Understand your finance, supporting you to:

  • Budget and prioritise expenses
  •  Identify financial risk
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Know where to go for help.

Be more financially secure by accessing:

  • Financial services and support
  • Financial literacy and skills development
  • Affordable housing and health.

Better manage money through helping you:

  • Proactively manage and understand debt
  • Establish savings
  • Not borrow for daily expenses
  • Access no interest loans (NILs).

Develop strategies to gain financial freedom:

  • Absorb financial shocks
  • Meet your financial goals
  • Make choices that enable you to enjoy life.

You are eligible if you

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live in the Queensland region, and
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want to discuss your financial wellbeing
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have experienced financial hardship before, or feel you are currently at risk
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are concerned about your situation due to the pandemic or a change in your circumstances

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Call us on 1300 006 616 

Monday -Friday

9am – 5pm AEST

Helping Queenslanders like:



Stacy is a 42 year old nurse. She works one shift a week, and spends the rest of the time caring for her four kids. She has recently separated from her husband. Stacy is currently struggling to pay her
mortgage and bills, and has had to take out multiple credit cards. She’s concerned because she feels she can no longer afford to live in her family home


How QFRP can help Stacy

  1. Explore options for housing, if needed
  2. Negotiate with utility providers
  3. Understand credit card issues
  4. Help create a sustainable budget for the future


Ali is a 38 year old mature-age plumbing apprentice. His wife, Yemina, cares for their three young children at home. Ali is concerned because the mortgage repayments have increased, meaning he can no longer afford basic necessities, he’s paying hundreds of dollars in interest on credit card debt and
the fridge is also broken, and he can’t afford to replace it.

How QFRP can help Ali

  1. Helping him to understand the issues associated with credit cards and payday loans
  2. Helping him access a No Interest Loan to purchase a new fridge
  3. Helping him to create a sustainable budget that assist him with getting on top of his debt

Want to learn more?

Download our Queensland Financial Resilience Program brochure here

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, click to view our Frequently Asked Questions

Other services you may be interested in

No Interest Loans (NILs)

No Interest Loans (NILs)

Borrow up to $2000 for:
  • Household items (fridge, washing machine, furniture + more)
  • Education fees & equipment
  • Laptops & technology
  • Car repairs & registration
  • Medical & dental costs
Borrow up to $3,000 for:
  • Bond & rent in advance
  • Rates
  • If you have been impacted by a natural disaster
Find out if your eligible and start your NILs application by contacting  Good Shepherd on 13 64 57 or CLICK HERE to find a provider in your region.
Financial Independence Hub

Financial Independence Hub

The Financial Independence Hub is a free and confidential service supporting people who have experienced financial abuse to feel more confident with money and plan for the future. If you have experienced financial abuse and are ready to take practical steps to build your long-term financial independence, we are here to support you.
Financial Abuse Information Hub

Financial Abuse Information Hub

Financial abuse remains to be under-reported. Do you think you have experienced financial abuse? Visit our Financial Abuse Resource Hub to learn more about this insidious form of abuse.
Power Saving Bonus VIC

Power Saving Bonus VIC

The Power Saving Bonus has now ended.
Financial Counselling VIC

Financial Counselling VIC

Good Shepherd offers a free and confidential financial counselling service that assists people to gain control over debt and financial pressures.
Firmer Foundations NSW

Firmer Foundations NSW

A free coaching program for women and community workers in NSW to develop money management skills, knowledge and confidence.
Financial Capability and Wellbeing Program VIC

Financial Capability and Wellbeing Program VIC

Improve your understanding of your finances and debt management with our Financial Capability and Wellbeing Program.
Financial assistance

Financial assistance

Our Family Violence services can help you with financial assistance.
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